A Sneak Peak for Tuesday’s Class

From Brian White:

No matter how many times I see this video I still laugh out loud. The use of expression coupled with the action of the escalator (that doesn’t actually escalate) allows the viewer to understand the feeling of the “caveman.” I also like the claim, “So easy a Caveman Can Do It,” because it gives the company a preemptive advantage. Any company could have made this claim, but Geico did it first ad it allowed them to continue a campaign that was humorous and effective. When the guy initially passes the ad and then returns to it, it really draws in the attention of the audience. This is one of the best ads I have seen and its only 30 seconds. Great job by Geico.
Here is a collaboration of a few different Geico Caveman Commercials. They are all very funny, short and succinct and that is what helps make these commercials work so well. That and they don’t really offend anybody ( At least I don’t think).


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