Sizzlers from Sisley

From Kyle Blum:
I chose these advertisements because I love when people react to something that is supposed to promote a product. Just like Kenneth Cole and United Colors of Benneton, Sisley, a clothing company in Italy uses controversial situations to help promote their products.

The first ad shows 2 pretty girls doing drugs. The ad is interesting because although the girls are nice looking, they look sickly and drugs are so unattractive to so many people, yet the women make the product look good. Which is the purpose of advertising.

The second ad is vof a man and woman obviously in a sexual position. Sex sells and also brings attention to the advertisement.

Sisley’s ads are very crude and real, but do a great job of grabbing the publics attention. I do not think these are legal in the US.


2 Responses

  1. I was first appalled when I saw these ads, but then came to love how different and shocking they are. The shocking content does a great job capturing the consumer, but yet embodies the sterotypical (well, not really, more like to the point) ideals behind the high fashion industry. I’ve always wondered if ads like this would work for a non-high involement, feel product and/or service?

  2. I love how controversial these advertisements are. These are the types of ads I would expect to see in Vogue. On first glance the first ad looks like two girls doing lines of cocaine but if you take a second look the lines form a dress. The second ad draws the consumer in because of it’s sexuality but I do not find it as controversial as the first ad. I would love to see more ads by Sisley!

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