Summer came (will it?)

From: Megumi Fukaya
Ad from: Meiji Yasuda life office

The reason is why I chose this ad is that this ad is effective to distinguish itself from other ads of life offices. The difference I noticed is that this ad doesn’t explain about its product (about insurance price etc) comparing other ads of life offices. This ad just shows some pictures and music. I think it’s very simple. Other ads of life office are kind of complicated. They try to tell information as much as possible to customer. I don’t like this kind of ads.
On the other hand, this ad gives people nostalgic instead of a lot of information. There are children in all pictures and they enjoy summer vacation. I think people feel nostalgic from these pictures. The memory of summer vacation is common sense for people. Children are best models and people can recall their childhood and they must feel nostalgic. I think this feeling gives affinity to people and this company succeeds to give affinity to customer. I think insurance is long term product and high cost so they are careful to choose it. At that time an affinity is effective to customer. In addition this ad is best for its target customer. Because every child was 1~10 age, so their parents are maybe age about 20~40. This generation need to work hard for their children therefore they need an insurance for crunch. I think this ad succeed not only to build good brand image but also to catch target customer.


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