Doggone Good Ads

From Hayley Maxwell


I thought these Cesar dog food ads were fitting after our discussion in class today about how a cute dog can sell just about anything. After watching these commercials and looking at the print ads that go along with the campaign, I think I would buy just about anything that had this little “spokesdog”.  I sort of wish I could buy the dog, actually.  As a dog lover, this commercial definitely won me over because the dog is unbelievable precious.  The Cesar dog reminds viewers of the best qualities in dogs, their complete loyalty, devotion and love for their owners (or parents as I prefer to think of the relationship).  The ads aim to make viewers feel strongly emotional toward their own dogs in the hopes that this will motivate them to pay more for gourmet dog food.  The ad says that if you buy Cesar dog food, it’s a way to “love them back.” This ad doesn’t really make me feel like I need to run out and buy my dog fancy dog food right this second, but it definitely makes me have very positive feelings toward the brand.  This is definitely a brand for people who love their dogs and I think the concept for this campaign is really effective.  



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