From Katelyn Thompson


I thought this was a very interesting but expensive advertising scheme. The blurred billboard image is supposed to make the consumer feel as thought they are driving at neck breaking speeds, showing what it could be like if they had a Ford Mustang. The according to the site I found this ad on the image on the billboard isn’t fake. They used a new kind of plastic that allows people to see what ever is behind the billboard but blurred. This allows the image to move with the consumers perspective as they pass the billboard creating a realistic feeling and an interactive ad. 


This ad uses lacks words and persuasive statements but is strong on innovation and images. It uses the brand image that Ford Mustang has been pushing for awhile that a Mustang equals speed/power; Ford Mustangs aren’t about comfort, economy or durability, their about exhilaration. Which also includes a resonance strategy, the allusion of speeding down a highway brings back that excitement, youth and recklessness. 



2 Responses

  1. I think this billboard is very intuitive and engaging. It literally makes consumers imagine what it would be like riding in a Mustang; they would be driving so fast, roadside advertisements would be nothing but a blur. That sounds great. I think it is a very effective billboard because it has minimal copy and makes a huge statement. Consumers can infer what they want from it because the advertisement is not telling them how to think or feel.

  2. So simple. So elegant. It really works. The minimal copy Is not a problem I think most people will get it right off the bat. The simplicity makes it more effective since its an outdoor ad. I also noticed It’s got this cocky sort of cowboyish feel to it to. Its like Mustang. nuff said. and keep in mind location, location, location.

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