Another bite of an apple

From Alex Orr:
I chose these Apple ads because of the impact they are having on the music industry. After the macbook air commercial aired, this song by Yael Naim went into the top ten on the iTunes website. The same goes for the iPod touch commercial. While music has been integrated into commercials for a long time, the current status of the music industry has changed this relationship. It seems like it used to be that if a song was used, it was by a well known act that everybody knew of. With the Internet and the use of downloading sites, ad agencies can now use non mainstream acts to create buzz for the product and the musician.

A couple of questions/discussion points to ponder:

Which is more likely the case: ads built around the song or songs built around the ad?

Would this type of music integration work in the pre Internet society?

Is this good for the music industry? (in terms of profit from legal distribution)


2 Responses

  1. I think that ads are making songs popular because I know a couple commercials where I wondered what song they used. I think that commercials will eventually include song information in the bottom corners as music videos do. After I saw that commercial I didn’t care about the computer, but I cared about the song because it sounded really fun and happy. The music industry in general is declining these days, and it seems that music isn’t being made like it used to. Musicians are getting royalties from video games, movies and commercials, as well as online stuff too. I think it’s good for the music industry in terms of seeking other venues to make profits.

  2. I think that Apple is smart to be featuring new or unknown artists in its advertising. It seems like songs that are well known could end up just being background noise if people are so used to hearing them. Catchy songs from new artists are more likely to get people’s attention. Apple may be betting that customers that want to hear more of the song will go to iTunes to download it as well.

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