A Good Idea?

From Josh Damis:

The other day I was listening to Dave Chappelle do stand-up and he made the comment, “I’ve done commercials for Coke and Pepsi. Pepsi paid me most recently, so it tastes better.” I wanted to know if it was true and it turns out that it is.


What I’m curious about is if it’s a good idea to use the same spokesperson with competing products in such a close time frame. It seems to me like it would almost hurt the second campaigns credibility. If I had noticed it before I’d ask myself: “Wasn’t this guy just trying to sell me Coca-Cola?” Here is the ad:




3 Responses

  1. I love this ad! Pepsi has always been able to produce relatively funny ads with some really famous actors/singers/athletes. I haven’t seen the Coke ad with Chappelle out before so many Pepsi is hoping to overpower the market with their ad. People aren’t too cognizant of what ad came out first or sometimes they don’t even remember seeing an ad with any one particular star in it. I think Pepsi is banking on the audience not remembering past ads done by Coke.

  2. I suppose it really depends on how close the time frame was for the two campaigns.

    But it seems irrelevant, at least in Chappelle’s case, as I can’t find his supposed coke ad.

  3. The coke ads weren’t really funny if I remember correctly. It seems like they were taste test type commercials, which is probably why no one really took the time to save them and load them on YouTube. I scoured the internet for an hour looking for them, but all I could find was his resume from the company that represents him.

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