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After reviewing commercials for Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, I decided to choose this commercial for its depiction of society’s perception of beauty.  It was an eye-opening commercial because it was interesting to see how an average person is transformed into what a model is supposed to look like.  Our society perceives beauty as women wearing make-up, having styled hair, and the perfect body.  However, Dove effectively challenges this issue by showing that these perfect models are actually average people.  To end the commercial, Dove once again promotes the idea that our perception of beauty needs to change.  Beauty is about embracing your own body; both flaws and perfections.  


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  1. I, too, like this Dove campaign. I think it is a positive message that appeals to a lot of women. I also believe that it is good for the company and an effective advertising strategy. This ad expands upon the values portion of their brand pyramid. By saying they uphold these values of appreciating real women and building self-esteem, etc., people will feel good buying Dove products and supporting the company and these values.

  2. I really enjoyed this particular Dove commercial because I think it demonstrated an effective way to communicate a very important and powerful message regarding our society’s perception of ideal beauty. Although interest groups seem to have been trying to increase awareness of photo editing and other types of image enhancers employed by various media outlets for a long time, Dove managed to use that concept to its advantage in promoting the purity and real beauty its products can provide for women. I began to wonder what impact Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has had on consumers’ preference for the brand and discovered this interesting article that discusses the campaign’s exposure and its influence on consumers’ perception of the Dove brand:

  3. I am so glad you posted this ad because I have never seen this commercial before, and I’m really glad I did.
    I think Dove’s campaign for real beauty and real women is probably the best campaign I’ve ever seen- it’s meaningful and has a great impact on people. Not to mention it makes Dove look great because they are speaking to a MUCH wider audience of women who don’t believe they are super-model-pretty, and this commercial probably influences them to use Dove products.
    You hear people always saying that models are edited, covered in make-up and remade in photoshop, but until you actually see it first hand like in this commercial, it doesn’t really mean much. But this ad really showed its viewers what a misconception people have of beauty, and how Dove is helping to stop it.

  4. I love this commercial. It is unique, fantastic, and shows the values of Dove products. The speed of the commercial is mesmerizing and makes it so you can’t take your eyes off the screen. Dove really shows the attention to detail while its flashing through the changes and it really blows your mind at each little change. The progression from each stage really forces the person watching to never look away because you don’t know when its going to stop and it makes you want to see the final result.
    It’s a perfect strategy for Dove to be one of the first fashion/skincare companies to show the radical effects of what stylists and photographers do to all these models. It puts them in a position above all the other companies to let consumers know that they are beautiful the way they are. If you really want to look good then just be comfortable in your own great healthy skin by using Dove. I like the “natural” message Dove sends.

  5. I really liked this commercial. I think the ideas conveyed were definitely things that today’s society needs to see and hear. I was also really intrigued throughout the commercial. I really liked seeing all that’s done to make models beautiful, and that they are just like everyone else before. The way they flashed the changes kept me engaged and not wanting to look away. I wanted to watch until the very end to see what she was going to look like. It’s a good advertisement that really shows what Dove is all about.

  6. I had never seen this advertisement before and it really moved me! I am very impressed by the values that a large company like Dove portrays in their ads. I am in total awe about the process that this model went through to be the face of that billboard. I always knew that there were touch-ups and photoshop-ing done to images like this, but I was really surprised when I actually saw that whole chain of events. Thanks for posting this–I think this is something that every woman should see!

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