In her purse?

From Stephanie Sayler


I have seen this ad on TV a lot lately, its one of the newest Taco Bell ads featuring the Bacon Club Chalupa. In the first fifteen seconds of the ad it is hard to tell what is actually being sold, from the beginning I would have guessed that it was for a type of alcohol. The commercial shows to woman walking up to a table in a very nice and trendy bar and they are just casually talking and checking out their surroundings when the blonde woman looks at her friend and asks “Do you smell… bacon?” that’s when the second woman flashes her the Taco Bell Bacon Club Chalupa that she has hidden in her purse. She says that guys love bacon, and a few seconds later; three very attractive men come over and comment on how amazing she smells. 

This commercial has a very interesting approach; it does not actually show or talk about the Taco Bell food until the very end of the 30 seconds. It seems as if they are hoping to appeal to those who may pay attention to it thinking it was an advertisement for alcohol or a trendy nightspot instead of food. Or at least that’s what caught my attention in the beginning and my curiosity to find out what they were selling is what kept my attention through out the whole 30-second spot. Apart from actually keeping my attention, I have to say I do not feel that this was a successful approach to a fast food ad. It’s almost laughable to think of someone taking a taco into a bar in hopes of attracting men. 

The target audience for this commercial is most likely men in their twenties and early thirties because it asserts the statement that men love bacon and then it is assumed that if you are a man of the same age as the men in the ad, you too must also love bacon, or more specifically, bacon club chalupas.


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  1. I love this ad! I had the same reaction as Stephanie when I first saw it. I had no idea what I was being sold but that’s what caught my attention. I disagree with Stephanie that this isn’t a “successful approach to a fast food ad” because it definitely made me like Taco Bell as a brand more. I am not much of a fast food eater and the commercials usually make me want to vomit because they focus on showing the fatty foods the whole 30 seconds. This ad told a story, and like we discussed in class, telling a story provides a context for selling a message, engages consumers, and is memorable!

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