Kudos from Valerie

From Valerie Riffe:

I’m in love with this new commercial for Diet Mountain Dew. I wouldn’t think that Mountain Dew would make a diet version of itself, but this commercial is actually as surprising as Diet Mountain Dew. I think it just came out because I saw this commercial for the first time last night and was crying my eyes out from laughter. The commercial was effective for me because it used humor and I was interested in why the characters were using yo-yos. Kudos to Diet Mountain Dew!


One Response

  1. I thought this was a great commercial as well. I had previously only seen a shorter version that was just the convenience store scene. I really liked the part that was a spoof of the famous Godfather scene (where Al Pacino assassinates Sollozzo and the police captain). The character even drops the yo-yo as Al Pacino drops the gun in the Godfather. I thought that particular part was an example of resonance because it connects to a famous past movie scene. Overall I thought it was an effective and entertaining ad.

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