Aids Awareness

From Max Radi:


I believe on of the hardest type of advertisement to create are public service announcements. It’s easy to sell someone a product, but harder to sell them an idea or way of life. People are going to turn the channel quickly when an commercial is telling them to do something, like stop smoking or use a condom. Nobody needs the television to be come their nagging mother. In addition, AIDS awareness is tougher because you have to talk about sex, which is especially difficult in the US. I think these advertisements are only effective when they use humor rather than fear to relay the message. 


This advertisement was made in France and it effectively conveys the message while kept my attention, and is humorous.


For more great AIDS awareness ads go to


One Response

  1. I remember seeing this ad about a year ago, and well, how could I forget it? The message is cute, the story interesting…for me there is only one problem, I can’t keep a strait face while watching it! Perhaps it is just too out there and funny.

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