Fed Ex-cessive?

From Megan O’Connor

I chose this ad because it is one that I discussed in another advertising class which stirred up a lot of controversy.  This ad shows stereotypical images of Asians with little regard to how this group is going to respond.  After first viewing the ad, I thought that it was possibly an ad that had aired in Asia, which would explain the use of a different language throughout the ad except for the word FedEx.  To my surprise, this was not the case; the ad was aired in the United States and was aimed at businesses that do business in Asian countries.  To me this imagery is unacceptable and reinforces stereotypical images and would not lead to good business relationships.  



One Response

  1. I’m Asian and after watching this commercial I didn’t find it offensive. I actually found it kind of funny. The fact that they where speaking in Chinese with no subtitles, worked because the only word we focus on, or understand, is FedEx. I can see how this ad could be viewed as offensive or stereotypical but honestly I don’t think it is. I think it more poked fun of the generational difference. The young employee using something so simple and easy as Fed Ex (duh!) that the older employer doesn’t quite get. Maybe the small added bit of controversy is helping Fed EX, its getting people to watch the commercial and to talk about it.

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