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Has anyone seen the NBA “There Can Only Be One” advertisements? I chose to post these ads because they inspired the TIME Magazine cover this month. The NBA ads combine the faces of several basketball players to provoke a powerful and emotional message that only ONE team can win the playoffs. As much as I hate watching sports, these ads show a different side to basketball, one that made me step away from my usual stereotype of basketball being “just a game.” What is even more interesting is that this campaign was used as an inspiration for the TIME Magazine cover that combines Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s faces to make the same justification—there can only be ONE democratic candidate. I love the cover but I am curious to know if TIME Magazine had to get permission to use the same idea and tagline? 


In the Spirit of the NBA playoffs and the Oregon Primary Election—VOTE BY TUESDAY, MAY 20th! 


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  1. I am an avid basketball fan and familiar with these ads. However I was not aware that the TIME cover used the same idea. I think that TIME using the same idea is a great example of how creative ideas can be applied across our cultural spectrum.

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