Reese’s Eggs

From MacKenzie Pulliam:

I chose those Reese’s ad because I think that it is hilarious and I love Reese’s in general! It is a perfect way to create awareness for the Easter themed Reese’s eggs. With springtime being the time where baby animals are being born and love seems to be in the air, this ad makes a humorous connection between the two. Who would think that the way the Reese’s eggs coming to life was because the Peanut Butter and the Chocolate bunny fell and love and had a little egg together!? I also think that by using Marvin Gaye’s song is genius, most people know the song so resonance can occur because of the song. This ad makes people who loves Reese’s want to go buy the egg, and people who don’t laugh. Overall I think this is a great ad that doesn’t use a lot of visual effect, just simple h! umor!


2 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed this ad! I think it a very cute and entertaining concept that is very relevant to easter. I think the song choice really added a lot to the ad. The song caught my attention and is very recognisable. The ad made me want to go out and get a Reese’s egg !

  2. I too have always loved Reese’s and their commercials, too. I actually just ate miniature Reese’s eggs today and then saw this commercail, ironic. I still like the original Reese’s commercials “How to eat a Reese’s” more than this one, however. I enjoy the different witty and creative ways that Reese’s came up with to sell their product. Each time I eat this specific candy I try to eat them in different ways just to see if it’s really possible. I enjoyed the post and the cute commercial.

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