A good story

From Tiffany Martin:’


I chose this advertisement for two reasons:

First of all, I love commercials that you can’t really tell what it’s a commercial for until the very end when you see the brand name. These kind of commercials are effective because they grab your attention and they hold it because you want to know what it’s an ad for. 

The second reason I like this commercial is because it tells a story that the viewer becomes engaged in. It shows the guy spilling the beer, and then all of a sudden this storm rolls in and all the men are getting depressed with this sad music playing in the background. You can tell this ad is completely aimed at men, particularly college to middle aged and older men because every person they show is a man that looks like he just lost his best friend. The ad concludes in telling the viewer “It’s all about the beer,” a feeling that has been more than portrayed by the reactions of these men after having just lost their beloved beverage. 



2 Responses

  1. I really like this ad. I agree that it grabs the viewers attention and keeps them wondering what it is advertising with the whole tone of the ad. When the ad first started I couldn’t have guesses it was an ad for a beer. I thought it was a very creative ad as well.

    Molly Brauer

  2. That was hilarious. I also think it’s a good idea when it is kind of vague what the commercial is for in the beginning. Since people watch TV to mostly be entertained, it’s important to make sure commercials are entertaining, in most cases, to be effective.

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