Songs are good

From Alison Kiely:


I chose to post this series of comcast ads for thier creative use of music. The other day in class we were on the subject of jingles and how effective they can be. I believe that any use of music in an advertisment can be very effective, or at elast entertaining, which leads to memorable. These comcast ads take songs that we all know and love and put a new spin on them by selecting certain words from the song of choice and featuring them in a way that illustrates how much “more” you get with comcast. I absolutley love them!!! They are very creative, memorable and funny!

AD #1: Kitchen “more, more, more”


AD#2: Superbowl “more, more, more” (my favorite… the end is so funny!)


AD#3: Mother and son “more, more, more”


2 Responses

  1. I like these ads too. But there’s an ad for a cell phone that has the same concept but uses a Meat Loaf song (Paradise by the Dashboard Light) and I have to say I hate that ad. Curious.

  2. I love this type of advertsing and I think that is kind of trendy way to mix up the musical and advertsing together. However, sometimes, if the agency mess it up, I think that will be a disaster becasue it will be kind of annoying to audience.

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