Can Tea be Raw?

From Caitlin Bowers:

Smirnoff Raw Tea was first introduced about a year and a half ago and that’s when I saw their first Prep-Unit ad for the product. I’ve never seen it actually aired on T.V. or anything of the sort, but contiuously go back to YouTube to watch the “music video,” where I first saw it. The fact that Smirnoff’s main advertisements are these viral videos is very smart and different…they don’t even needing any additional ads besides the interactive website:

The tune and parody on lifestyles (which actually works and can be taken jokingly among them) is extremely funny and catchy. It’s a good use of using music besides just buying the rights to a song or creating a jingle. This USP can resonate with a wide variety of consumers, though because of the main use of internet-based advertising the ads appeals to a younger audience. My roommates catch ourselves singing the tune for days and I will never forget these ads because of it.

You have to watch the Prep-Unit video first or the second one won’t make sense.
#1 Prep-Unit:

#2 Boyz N The Hillz:


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