Where be the WB?

From Amelia Sample:
The WB is back! Kind of…

When I first came across this information I was surprised and excited because I grew up watching the WB and I am also a fan of many of it’s shows. It seems that the WB television network is coming back but not in the way that you’d expect. It’s been about a year and half since the WB and UPN came together to create the CW network. But now the WB is returning through the internet. Sounds a little crazy? I thought so to. But after reading this press release it seems to be quite an interesting idea and has made me some what excited to check it out.


As stated in the article this website will contain new shows and even air some of the more popular and beloved WB programming and even a few shows from other networks. Users will also be able to interact with their favorite shows by being a part of social networks where they can join other fans in discussing these shows. The article also mentions other ways in which the audience can interact and be a part of the site.

I personally find this to be a brilliant idea of the WBs. The network is playing off of the audiences’ attachment to the network and it’s shows in order to bring the network back and hopefully keep it alive. This may not work on everyone but I know that it’s definitely working on me and I can’t wait for the site to launch.

And here’s a link to the beta homepage…



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