Freakiest Ads Venessa Has Ever Seen

From Venessa Locher:

These attention-grabbing commercials for Volkswagen were a news change of pace in car advertising all together. Instead of showing the adventures, the family time, or the new attributes as most car commercials do, these VW commercials decided to show an attribute in a particularly grotesque way. When we talked in class, car commercials are meant to make the purchaser feel good about buying their car. I do not think that these commercials have the same effect. These commercials are down right realistic and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one watching the television who was freaked out. However, I will say this is a good tactic at getting people’s attention. But what about the fact that the “shocker” comes at the very end of the commercial, and the first part of the commercial is so bland? Wouldn’t this make us change the channel? What purpose do these commercials serve best; are they attention-getters, or are they reassuring to the purchaser?

Commercial #1: Volkswagen – Like

Commercial #2: VW – Safe Happens – Jetta


2 Responses

  1. I think these are very effective because they make the viewer think about the importance of safety. The crash is very realistic, but in the end we see everyone unharmed. There is no music at all, which makes it seem even more realistic, they don’t need the music to create drama here. They really drive their point home. An accident can happen to anyone anytime, but with VW you’ll be safe. I think they serve a double purpose as both an attention grabber and to reassure the purchaser.

  2. I agree that these commercials are effective. I think the reason they are so bland in the beginning is to show how a car accident could happen in everyday life, when it is least expected. I like the idea that VW is conveying: that these cars are safe, but accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how safe their car is. It’s about what will happen in the event of a crash–everyone in these ads walked away unharmed for the most part. I also think the “Safe happens” phrase is clever because at the end of both ads one of the people says “Holy sh—” and then “safe happens” appears, where the s-h— word could have appeared with the word “happens.” I also like how both advertisements portrayed people of different races. I think this shows that VW is a car for everyone, though they were all younger people.

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