Scrabble Anyone

From Jamison Merrill
So, here is a very clever, awesome advertising campaign done by Ogilvy, an advertising agency located in Hungary. When I saw these ads I immediately liked them because of the humor and wit in each ad. I like how for each person can perceive these ads in different ways. For me, I immediately saw dog, mug and rat first and overlooked god, gum and art. But to anyone else this could be different.

This ad also brings a lot of resonance for me, thinking about time spent with family and friends. I think about the times during family vacations where we are playing Scrabble and I am stuck on 3 letters and just may be overlooking a very simple word, like dog, art, or gum.

Personally, I don’t think Scrabble is going get an advertising campaign more creative then this one done by Ogilvy.


4 Responses

  1. I think these are from Hungary.

  2. Oops.. Maybe so.. I guess don’t believe what you see on the Internet..

  3. Oops on me, didn’t realize that was in your original post.

  4. These ads are really interesting and creative. I think they speak accurately to how scrabble letters can create many different words. It also makes the game seem more fun which is a plus when scrabble can often be associated with studying and school due to its emphasis on vocabulary.

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