From Courtney Young:
So I chose this Macy’s commercial even though it is a holiday one because when I first saw it I thought that it was creative. They took the idea from their campaign with Martha Stewart and different celebrities and made an ad with a whole variety of celebrities, designers, entrepreneurs etc. Since they were running this ad during the holiday season it had some appeal to such a wide variety of audiences. First everyone is shopping for the holidays, business men can connect with Donald Trump and Russel Simmons, the younger generation with Jessica, Usher, and Diddy. Moms identify with Kimora and Martha. They also have designers like Marc Ecko, Tommy Hilfiger, Kennth Cole, and even a chef. There is literally one person in the ad that individuals can connect with that makes them feel like because their “celebrity or designer” sells a product to Macy’s there must be something there that they can buy for a gift.


One Response

  1. I definitely agree that this commercial is clever. I remember when I first saw it I was impressed by the number of celebrities in it. I seriously wondered how they were able to get all these celebrities into one commercial. But the part of the commercial that I also really liked is how the celebrities would interact with one another which kind of made them seem more like us ‘normal’ people and less of celebrities. I felt like that made me connect with them as people a little more.

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