Effective Affective

From Rachel Mays:

I chose this ad because of it’s affective/effective strategy.  Mercedes has always been a confusing company for me. It’s two closest competitors are BMW and Lexus.  BMW consistently markets itself as a the sporty and high horse power vehicle.  Lexus has consistently been the luxury hotel within your car.  I never, however, got a clear message from Mercedes until I saw this ad.  With this ad, the target audience and the message that Mercedes conveys finally became very clear to me.  They target not only affluent people but those that are also smart.  The car is for people that have a certain demeanor about themselves – one that says, “I don’t just have beautiful things, but I am an intelligent person.” The commercial conveys that the purchase of your car should be both about transformational as well as informational decisions.  It’s a very humorous ad and very smart. Can anyone see what it says at the end under Mercedes-Benz E-Class?






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