Just Cute

From Mie Mitsumori



This is Japanese Mc Donald’s CM.

In US also, we have same type of product,

However, target segmentation is completely different.

In Japan, they target ladies and children.

Cute CM is attractive to not boys and men but ladies and children.

In addition, the CM is very short compared with US CM.

Most of them are 15 seconds or so.

That is why, usually they cannot conclude story.

Instead, they think highly of first impression.

This ad also paid attention how cute it looks among consumers.




One Response

  1. I really like this cute commercial!!! This is to get interest from everyone. It is enough cute to meke audiences pay attention to this commercial. It is very popular in japan because of these penguins. It is icecream commercial, so it is enogh to get attention only from girls and women. Japanese are tend to like these cute characters, for example disney. At the same time, these express how thse are taste good because this image of strawberries is so clear and juicy.

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