Over the Top?

from Erik Kilgore:

-I chose this Tropicana Pure Valencia commercial just because I died of laughter during it.  The soulful blues guitar in the background along with the seducing voice, I couldn’t help myself because it was ORANGE JUICE!  It was so over the top but next time when I’m buying oranje juice, I’m sure I’ll remember this commercial, laugh in the supermarket and then possibly buy Pure Valencia Orange Juice.  It definitely was different from all other orange juice ads I’ve ever seen!


3 Responses

  1. This is a great example of puffery: It’s not just orange juice, it is pure valencia. What does that MEAN???

  2. Why would it be so important to leave oranges on the tree for so long? And is it really worth the 3 or 4 dollar mark-up to have this special type of juice? however it was just a matter of time before Tropicanna tried to make a ‘high end’ type of juice for those who ‘just want the best’.

  3. I agree this is a little over the top, but maybe for a good purpose. Orange juice is an economic staple, something you don’t really think much about buying in regards to brands. Here they are attempting to make sort of a “high class” orange juice, and see that they NEED to go over the top to get us to remember something so trivial (like orange juice). While I think it is BS as far as it’s “superior quality,” look at what this type of marketing has done for the bottled water industry………

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