Sex Keeps Selling

from Claudia Hirt:



I stumbled over this commercial for Visa. It is from 2003 but I thought it would be a great example of how brands try to sell with sex. It doesn’t even matter what kind of brand it is, but they think because there is some skin in it, they can sell it. I don’t necessarily like this commercial because I personally don’t think a brand like Visa should focus that hard on the “sex” part of the commercial, especially because it is sort of a serious brand that has to do with money. It might work a little bit if the whole ad was smarter than that. Yes, they have the slogan “The future looks bright, the future looks VISA”, but who would ever seriously consider such a future? I know it is supposed to be funny, and it might be a bit catchy to some, but I think they tried just a bit too much to focus on the “sex sells”-part rather than to make it funny or smart. I think brands that take care of your money should especially try to be a bit cleverer with their ads than ads for soda, just because people are trying to be smart about their money.  


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