From Rie Nagai:




I think this commercial is very cute and effective. It has a lot of cute animals which screams in this commercial. They make it possible that people pay attention to it, so I think this commercial is for getting awareness from audience and keep them from changing the channels. And also, this shows the function of this car. So I think this is great commercial.



5 Responses

  1. I love this advertising a lot too because I think the cute animals always can catch audience’s eyes but sometimes it is hard to show the value of the brand when the animals are too cute in the advertising. However, this ad is not only catch people’s attention but also perfectly demonstrate the brand effectives.

  2. I really liked this commercial! I didn’t see it when it aired during one of the Superbowls, but there were a couple things that I liked about this approach that Bridgestone took. First, I liked this commercial because its humor grabs your attention and makes you want to see the entire commercial. This is important especially for other companies who air commercials during the Superbowl who want you to remember their product and brand. Second, I liked this commercial because I believe that it would be hard for a tire company to be creative with their advertisements. However, Bridgestone does this effectively by using the animals.

  3. I remember this commercial cracking up the room when my friends and I first saw it. I think it was the best Super bowl commercial. Its effective in the way that the animals screaming just get more and more bizarre as the commercial goes on. It draws you in completely, as you don’t know what to expect next.

  4. This is a great commercial. The commercial captures my attention the whole way through. Notice the driver nearly before the fatal collision. There is no nervous facial expression on his part, only a swift turn of the wheel, dodging the squirrel. The driver acts like he has done that maneuver before, and is confident and knows the capability of his Bridgestone tires which can clearly turn on a dime. The calm quick reaction of the driver correlates with the advertising message that Bridgestone wants to communicate to the viewer. “Get the most out of your car” use Bridgestone. Great commercial overall. Short, effective and funny.

  5. I like this ad because it uses animals–babies and animals always work. It has a good story, with a conflict and climax, and the message of the ad comes at the end in the resolution, which is great because we can relax and think about it.

    The animals are not hurt and the humans are safe because they have Bridgestone Tires, a win-win situation.

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