A construction company?

From Gloria Kim:



Breakdancing and hip hop are huge in Korea and I actually didn’t realize that this was an ad the first I saw this. The video just appears to be a music video starring two world-renowned Korean breakdancers, a beat boxer, a DJ and a troupe of female instrumentalists playing a traditional instrument, but at the end of the video the name of a construction company appears.


Apparently this video was an advertisement for the construction company. The concept of the advertisement was to communicate that the company can combine tradition with new technology (a good attribute for a construction company to have). I felt that that was conveyed very well by them taking an old and familiar song played by traditional instruments and combining them with modern dance and modern sounds. As a matter of fact I feel like this is one of the more brilliant commercials I have seen. 


Canon in D by Pachelbel is a famous tune, and particularly well-liked in Korea. (One of my Korean friends duly noted that every Korean knew how to play Canon in D on the piano). Korea also produces some of the best breakdancers in the world and the dancers in the video are very famous. The DJ and the beatboxer are also well-known. Additionally, Koreans values tradition. It is obvious that the people who put this commercial together knew their audience. 


I haven’t decided whether or not I liked the fact that I didn’t realize this was a commercial until much later. By not realizing it’s a commercial people would probably be more inclined to watch it, but paradoxically people wouldn’t realize its core purpose (to advertise the company).


Regardless, I love this commercial and I find myself viewing it frequently. I can’t help but wonder how a similarly non-intrusive commerical like this would fare in America. 





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