From Nick Larkin:


This ad is for the NBA – which has seen a strong rise and return of fans in the last couple years. I really like this ad because it really captures the “amazing” excitement going on in the NBA and the competition and passion that the league has seen again lately. This ad in particular highlights Kobe Bryant’s 81 points, Ben Wallace’s notorious afro, the Golden State Warriors’ unexpected run in 2007, etc. These things, from a fan’s standpoint really were amazing – and have contributed to the return of the NBA from years of low ratings and low fan support. With the music and still photography, as well as lighting – this ad is very graceful and I think that it is showing that even with all the competition, strength, and power – NBA basketball is still a thing of grace, and even beauty.




2 Responses

  1. I also liked this ad because of the music and the message it sent about the NBA. I am not a big NBA fan but whenever I saw this commercial it really got me pumped up about the competition. The soundtrack was used very well as it is found in a lot of movies at important times. It seems like classical music isn’t used in sports ads that much right knows, but it really does a good job of portraying the emotion that’s involved for all who follow and play.

  2. I definitely agree with all the points that have been made about these advertisements, as I too find them to be very effective in eliciting a positive reaction. I also think that the success of these ads brings validity to the belief that while commercials based on humor are attractive and create awareness for a brand, a commercial centered around emotion can be the most effective and create a desire and even an interest in a brand. Another example that calls to this theory are the Gatorade commercials that feature a particular athlete, such as kevin garnett or sidney crosby, because these commercials also utilize an emotional and powerful song, use images that represent intensity and grace, and finish with a message that ties it all in.

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