From Rachel Fortuna:




I think this ad for Hummers is ridiculous. It is completely ironic in its message and just makes a joke of the serious topic they are trying to get across.  The idea of this commercial is to promote the idea that Hummers can save your life in natural disasters so you should buy one to become a hero.  That is such a contradictory idea that it makes me laugh. Hummers emit more pollutants and use up more natural resources than the majority of vehicles out there. This car is increasing global warming which causes all of these natural disasters that it claims to be able to save you from.  You can’t get much more ironic than that.  The only way this ad is effective, despite it’s ridiculous contradiction, would be because people are so afraid of global warming.  You would think that if people are that afraid of global warming they would know better than to buy this beast of a car that helps to cause it.  What do you think? Is it effective?



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