Because we haven’t had a Nike ad for a while

From Trevis Thirdgill



here is the link to a new nike 1st person pov soccer ad. I

like this ad because it enables the audience to experience

what it would be like if you were a superstar athlete. I

think this is definitely brand image. By virtually putting

you in the shoes of the athlete nike is playing with a lot

of peoples innermost desires of wanting to live that kind

of superstar lifestyle. It is very fun upbeat and

motivational and that emotion we have after seeing the

commercial is associated with the nike brand. I believe it

is targeting 20-30 yr. olds who are athletic and aspire to

go pro someday.  



2 Responses

  1. Wow. I loved this ad. I can’t think of such a memorable first person/consumer experience. It’s got all the perks. Showing the merchandise, the sexy gf, boobs, action, athleticism, brand values, awesome famous players, and CHRISTIANO RONALDO if i’m not mistaken. drool. and they packed all this brainwash into a package that i didn’t hate them for. somehow.

  2. I liked this ad because I like when Nike does ads for sports other than basketball and football. I couldn’t really tell if this ad was for the US or a European ad. Either way because it has reached a US audience I like it. It highlights the EPL and their players. I like not seeing Tony Parker and Jason Kidd every onece in a while.

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