But does it work?

From Kelli Cach:

I thought these ads were an interesting/morbid parody on the Absolut vodka campaign that featured the shape of the vodka bottle. I like how these ads stayed true to the element of outlining the bottle, yet altered the color palette to reinforce the theme of their campaign as opposed to Absolut’s. Where Absolut ads usually incorporate very bright, vibrant colors, these ads used harsh lights and darker duller scenes/ colors. I think this dramatic contrast speaks to the message that while alcohol manufacturers will create the message that their drinks are the life of the party (pun intended), in the wrong circumstances and through irresponsible choices, the same drinks can have a deadly consequence. 



3 Responses

  1. These are interesting. Do you think Absolut has any recourse on their imagery being used like this?

  2. Wow… I haven’t seen these before. I think this campaign is really clever. It is definitely effective. This use of the Absotul Vodka bottle design makes it pretty easy to make a connection between careless drinking and its consequences. It actually makes people think about the dark side of irresponsible drinking. I think that this strategy provokes stronger responses than an obvious statement that drinking is bad. I know I will recall these images next time I see an actual Absolut commercial. However the Absolut Bottle Design is a trademark owned by V&S so I’m not sure if it they would be happy with the way it’s used in this campaign.

  3. I’ve never seen these ads before either. Although I’m impressed, I’m also surprised that Absolut would take this bold stand. Everyone is used to the classic Absolut ads that feature the shape of the bottle but this is different. For those that have seen this ad they now have yet another image to connect to the bottle that is identifiable just about anywhere. Whether this will stop someone from consuming the vodka… doubtful. At the least I still think this ad is effective because it shows that Absolut is trying to reinforce the dangers of drinking. Or is it merely to make people think they care so their image is boosted? We’ll never know but either way the execution of the purpose is catchy.

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