Fashionable Ads

From Ashley Tschudin

I have found the website above to be very helpful in all of my advertising classes because it features thousands of fashion ad campaigns. The website includes photographs and videos of ad campaigns as well as a discussion forum for those who choose to participate. The ad campaigns date back years and allow you to search for specific advertisements you may have liked when you read a magazine or saw a billboard. While the website is not solely dedicated to the field of advertising, it is especially interesting for individuals who are interested in fashion advertising.


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  1. I really like this blogspot. It’s a little difficult to navigate and some of the threads are better than others but overall I think it is definitely a great resource to look at how fashion advertising has changed and has also stayed the same over the years. I looked at a thread that had a lot of the Ralph Lauren print ads. I notice that even though the fashions change his ads have been very simple and similar in their style since the brand began.
    Not only are there great histories of ads but there are also some interesting videos from designers explaining their choices in the styles and colors of their brands, I think this sort of info could be readily applied to advertising design schemes.

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