Funniest Ad Ever?

From Esther Nagler:
After watching it several times with one of my roommates my stomach hurt so bad from laughing and then my roommate turns to me and asks ‘what is this ad even for?’ I laughed even harder and said ‘some energy drink’ then she replied by saying ‘i’m so going to get one’. Now she was completely kidding and i cant remember the last time we thought it would be a good idea to get an energy drink but if for some odd reason we found ourselves at 7-11 standing in front of the energy drink section i know we would pick this particular one out and laugh and joke the whole time while getting jittery and tweaked out from the drink. Anyway that is totally beyond the point, the point is this commercial is SO hilarious and i can almost bet that every college student can relate to this in one way or another. Point is… watch it and share you experience of your worst walk of shame to the person next to you.


4 Responses

  1. I had to google ‘cankles’.

  2. I think that is probably the most important part– almost every college student can relate. After a night of too much partying, the most common solution is caffeine. Whether it be a cup of coffee, an energy drink or a coke, it is apparent that AMP recognized that. It is pretty fun that they try to relate to us by telling us that drinking their drink will help us to not be ashamed… Overall the many different situations that are portrayed are easily relatable to pretty much anyone who has had a heavy night of partying and probably makes us remember their drink when we don’t remember much from the night before…

  3. This is really a very funny ad. The funny part is that I just showed it to my room mate as well and he said that this is probably the funniest ad he’s ever seen. And at the end he asked me what the commercial is even for? I think because it is so funny people will remember it after the first time they’ve seen it (and not after the second or third) and this is probably a huge advantage to other commercials. If people see it on youtube they will watch it over and over again and show it to their friends and the message gets passed on very quickly. If I would look for an energy drink I would probably look for the one from the commercial just because it makes me smile and brings up funny and good feelings. I would tell myself ” I don’t care if it’s a great drinks, the commercial is hilarious so I’ll just take it”. And I think this is the best reaction a commercial can achieve. Great job.

  4. Sorry to disagree with you all, but I didn’t laugh once at this ad. I don’t think that every college student can relate to it. If you aren’t promiscuous or go to parties, then you won’t be able to relate to it. I also don’t drink energy drinks as well, so I couldn’t relate to it. They taste like pee to me. Not like I know what pee tastes like . I don’t think it was a great or funny commercial. If you couldn’t remember the product, the advertising wasn’t as affective. The one thing I did like about the ad was the use of music and lyrics. I felt like I was watching a really bad musical and that was kind of funny I guess.

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