An untimely demise

From Morgan Williamson;


Throughout the past few weeks, we have expanded upon Leo Burnett’s idea of products as personalities. This ad personifies one of my favorite snack time foods and brings to life its desirable qualities.  What is most interesting about this ad, and gives it a cute twist, is the fact that it starts off as being another ‘Pillsbury dough boy’ ad where the product is embodied in a cute talking form, but suddenly the character comes to the stark realization that it is still a cookie and is therefore still going to be eaten.  The menacing thought of the cute little girl eating her cookie friend who is wearing a birthday hat to her party inserts a weird cannibalistic vibe…only to make the ad more memorable. Have we reached a point where just cute characters aren’t enough to sell a brand; do they need to meet an untimely demise to be sticky? I blame videogames.


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