Lance! Lance!

From Aaron White:

I enjoyed this add that Nike did during the peak of Lance Armstrong’s career as a cyclist. The add says alot about Nike as a company, because for the two years Lance was battling Cancer Nike was one of the only companies that kept their sponser with him. I like to think that this add also tells the consumer that Nike is with you in the long run. The add is longer than most adds that Nike puts out. Overall its a great add and hope you enjoy it!



One Response

  1. I like this Ad because it looks like a movie. At the beginning, he just run him self. Later, he met birds, bike people, children, wild animals. He met not only people but also animals and nature. From this scene, I think NIKE would like to tell customer that NIKE tries to make a good relationship with not only people but also nature. Next, at the middle, the music changed. The scene was rainy and also music modulated. The music changed depending on the scene. I think it’s good strategy. Watching and listening probably affect each other. In addition, I like this music, because this music wasn’t NIKE NIKE and NIKE. Sometimes I feel unconfortable the music which is so Ad. But this Ad’s music is nice. Finally, at the ending, there are two wheels. One is big, another is small. Small wheel tried to reach big wheel. I got one massage from this scene. It’s “succeed, derive. NIKE can succeed their belief to next generation like children succeed something from their parents.”
    I felt that this Ad makes people realize not NIKE’s product but NIKE’s belief.

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