Mr. Turkey Neck

From Cassie Williams:

Here is the link to my FedEx commercial: 


Here is my summary:


This commercial for FedEx is promoting the ground shipping service. They do this in a clever way by saying that, “You can’t judge things by their name.”  However, while trying to get this point across to one coworker who believes ground shipping sounds like a slow service, another coworker finds agreement among people like Harry (a man who has a long beard and long hair), Eileen (a woman who is awkwardly leaning while standing), Joy (a woman who is extremely happy she can’t even ), Bob (a man who intensely bobs his head while nodding), and finally, the best one of all, Mr. Turkey neck with his name describing his most “flattering” feature. This commercial is witty and clever because it is going against the idea that you can’t judge things by their name. This is a fun way to go about promoting ground shipping for FedEx and it gets the point across in an entertaining/humorous fashion. 



One Response

  1. I think this is a humorous ad (but I feel bad for Mr. Turkey Neck). This ad is absolutely memorable which is always a plus but I feel like it’s one of those ads where people will remember the ad itself, but not what it was advertising. The humor keeps you through to the end of the ad but it’s difficult to remember what the point of it was.

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