Too annoying?

From Ashley Van Osdel:


Jingles can be a pretty risky move to make in an advertisement. Viewers are already bombarded with and tuning out to most commercials. Ads that contain jingles, which are often annoying, seem to be up there among commercials to tune out. So why did Subway choose to use a jingle for their 5 Dollar Footlong Ad?  


I think in this case… the jingle works. Subway’s 5 Dollar deal is a limited time offer so they want to attract attention to it while it’s there. And it’s a pretty good offer at that, you can get as many toppings as you want (I believe) on an already large sandwich. It’s probably pretty attractive to customers. Quiznos is now advertising “5 Dollar Large Sandwiches”, obviously trying to capitolize on Subway’s strategy. 


The jingle is moderately annoying but it’s unusual and the graphics in the Ad which include a flight attendant and Godzilla are different and entertaining. The way MMB (the Ad Agency behind the commercial) used the jingle with the hand signals the people in the Ad make causes it to stick in your mind.


Here’s an article that gives some background on the commercial and the people behind its creation:


Is this commercial good or bad? Is the jingle too annoying? If that’s the case… at least it won’t be on the air for too long.


2 Responses

  1. I personally think this one works really well. It’s designed in such a way that the ad can be shown as the complete series in one (ending with “it’s ca-ca-catching on”) or as any one of the bits (how can you not love ultra-low-budget godzilla?)

    The jingle itself is really simple (“Five. Five dollar. Five dollar foot long”) and combined with the required dance move (five fingers, followed by hands held a foot apart) it’s pure wonderful.

    Then again…I have been seen doing this dance while walking around.

    Either way, it’s a wonderful ad, but it still won’t get me to eat at subway.

  2. In the “$5 foot long” ad that was posted, the student proposes an interesting question about the reasoning behind the jingle. In this particular ad, I think the jingle, although somewhat annoying, goes along with the visuals to create an effective ad. Instead of a one time jingle at the end of the ad, this commercial is almost built and created as if to have some kind of music video type message. It is bright and colorful and flashes from frame to frame with different people almost dancing, much like a music video you might see on MTV. Although this commercial is somewhat irritating, l think it works because it is promoting a big deal and a discount that so many people would appreciate. I think this ad is very effective because it is informational and to the point, while sticking this annoying little jingle in your head that ads to the already “Eat Fresh” slogan we all already know about Subway. This particular discounted special has almost created a new brand image in some ways.

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