Banned Ad in Singapore

From Erin Champion:



This is a link that my friend from Singapore sent me…” Singapore advrtising article.  The article talks about how an ad was taken off the air because it “romanticised scenes of two girls kissing were shown and it portrayed the relationship as acceptable”.  The article talks about the limitations of advertisers and the amount of government censorship.  I honestly don’t know what limitations we have in the U.S., and if there are any, on the portrayal of lesbians and gays in the media.  I would hope that the U.S. media is more open to these sorts of ads though I personally haven’t seen any.  I would be interested to know what is allowed on the air in the U.S.  I’m sure these rules aren’t limited to advertisers but all television media.



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  1. Singapore obviously has much stricter restrictions not just in the media but also in daily life. Many of our rules are based around what the network is, if it’s cable television, the time of day that the commercial is showing, etc. The United States also many state and federal restriction most recently protecting children. I think European media culture is very interesting as many countries are much more free with sexuality than we are in the United States. In France, for example, partial nudity is common in the media. Also the humor in England for example seems more vulgar to me, reflected in the many the television and print ads.

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