Hott Chicken!

From Maegan Zornado:


Hott Chicken!



I chose this commercial because of its initial eye catching visuals. When the commercial begins, it is intriguing and entices the viewer to learn more about what the ad is selling. However, once the voiceover begins, it is clear that it is a Carl’s Jr. ad. The humor is stand-alone and truly breaks through the clutter of advertisements people are exposed to.




3 Responses

  1. I remembered this ad from a little while ago, and thought it was pretty clever. It plays on the whole FCC censorship and how strict regulations are, especially compared with european advertising. I also think that the agency with the Carls Jr. campaign uses humor in a way that mimics the “un” social norms.

  2. I thought this ad was pretty funny. At first I was confused by it because it started out with the chicken strutting around a white room, which didn’t initially scream Carls Jr. This ad definitely made me ponder the censorship that we experience with regards to sexually explicit content in American advertising. It did a good job of evoking these questions too with the blurry bar around the chicken’s privates. All around I think this is a good ad.

  3. This definately came out after Janet Jackson showed her nipple at the Superbowl. I think this is a great commercial that utilizes the FCC hysteria of the time. It doesn’t really have anything to do with eating a chicken, but it is so hot that it has to be censored

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