It’s not really sexual

From Anna Henton




Even though this ad has sexual overtones, it’s not about sex but about humor, and I think this ad does a fine job of surprising and giving the punchline at the right time.

I love the music, which sets a playful tone from the beginning. We are led to believe that the elderly couple wants revenge on the younger couple for the embarrassing PDA (public display of affection) they witnessed at the check-in counter in the hotel. We are left with a belly laugh and a good feeling knowing the ad was not as crude as we thought–it was just an ironing board!




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  1. Dear Ana:
    I like this ad because it presents two contrasting and parallel stories that effectively engage my attention because it delivers a humorous and colorful message composed of two common situations where images and sounds are used to highlight the lack of privacy on cheap motels with the purpose of evoke resonance of funny motel experiences we have lived, heard or watched on Tv. Personally, this Ad appeals to me because I had been in the unfortunate and uncomfortable position of not being able to sleep in a cheap hotel because of the lack of privacy. I also think it gives our imagination the chance to foresee the end, but it surprisingly shifts the sexual overtone to a humorous ironic one.

    Erika Lincango

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