From Douglas Griffin:
This is a BMW commercial series that was produced in 2002 starring Clive Owen as “The Driver”. It was created by David Fincher (director of “Se7en” and “Fight Club”) and features big name directors such as John Woo and Guy Ritchie. This particular ad was directed by Tony Scott (“Top Gun”, “True Romance”) and features Gary Oldman as the Devil and James Brown as himself. This is my favorite out of the series. It incorporates the the blues myth of selling your soul at the crossroads for music and a race through the original City of Sin, Las Vegas. Gary Oldman looks like an evil Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie. Check this out. Commercials don’t get much better than a car race with the Devil with a cameo by Marilyn Manson!


One Response

  1. I really did enjoy this commercial. I like Clive Owen, Gary Oldman, James Brown and Danny Trejo. The story of a car race against the devil in Las “Sin City” Vegas also hooked me into this clip. The problem I have with this commercial though is that there wasn’t much product placement in my opinion. I had to notice what kind of car Owen was driving to figure out that it was a BMW and I still didn’t even know that this commercial was for that. It was enjoyable but had poor product placement.

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