From Douglas Kim:

I’m a soccer fan so this commercial really appealed to me on many levels. I know the intensity of the game and how it can take a drastic toll on ones voice. However, I think the real appeal to this commercial is that it was targeted towards a different demographic than what is typically seen in American Ads. The target audience was females in the soccer industry. This commercial has a strong statement saying: men are no longer the only ones screaming and yelling, losing their voices, dressing up and painting their faces, and enjoying the intense game of soccer.

I feel there is a lot of power behind this commercial because it breaks the mold from traditional soccer advertisements and feminine role of a female. Through this commercial the element of humor and surprise really pulls the audience in to see whats really behind the manly voices in these Japanese women.


One Response

  1. This is a good commercial. Obviously it’s very funny and is fairly unique. I know that the point of the commercial is that you don’t know what’s going on in this town but I would have liked to have had more about what the ad is for in the ad. If I saw the ad on TV I would likely remember the ad but not remember exactly what it’s for, I would just know it’s about soccer.

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