Euro Cup ’08

From Braden Betts:


 I chose this ad because I was entertained and I am excited for this summer’s European Championships in soccer.  This ad is part of ESPN’s campaign, promoting the Euro Championships.  The campaign demonstrates the various characteristics of various participating national teams and what makes each team special.  You can see the entire set of the campaign at


 This particular ad revolves around the Portuguese national team and their incredible dribbling abilities.  I like how the quick paced music is fitting for the movements of the players.  Overall I chose to comment on these ads because I like the campaign as a whole.  It was interesting seeing what set each nationality apart, from the hand gestures of Italians, the efficient play of the Germans, and the aggression of the Spanish.  When advertising to Americans that might not be as familiar with soccer, this campaign personifies teams and creates a connection that could spark interest for new viewers.  It also creates excitement for the tournament and reminds established fans of what they love about international play.  On top of that, the European Championship is only every four years, making the anticipation that much greater.





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  1. I agree, this is also good because soccer is not as popular in the United States yet and this intrigues Americans even though we don’t have a stake in this.

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