Gap Kids

From Susanna Barnes


I remember seeing these Gap commercials when I was in middle school.  I thought they were really cool and even though they were showing Gap Kids, I wanted to be just like the kids shown in these commercials.  Watching them do their martial arts to a cool beat, made me think that I was “just that cool” if I wore clothes like that.  It was a neat concept to take this high speed martial arts and combine it with representing the clothing line of Gap Kids.  Kids at this age anyway are high energy and are watching shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It just proves you can be active in their clothes and look really awesome doing it.  I think it was also a good selling point for Gap by separating Boys and Girls.  At this age they are very separated, don’t want to get koodies!  Overall I thought these commercials portrayed the clothes they wanted and hit their target audience well.




One Response

  1. I think these Gap ads are really cute. While they might have been really unique at the time they first aired, now they kind of remind me of Target’s current ads with their fun music and different way of showing the product. I think these Gap ads show how important music is to an ad and contribute to its overall effectiveness. In the first ad, the dance music with an almost techno beat and the word “girls” repeated works really well with the product and with the visuals of dancing girls in Gap clothing. Pulling off an ad without any narrative whatsoever seems like it would be tricky, but with the right music choice, Gap makes it seems effortless. I’ve always liked Gap ads and the way they play with music to compliment their clothes. It makes their product seem appealing and fun, and this strategy definitely makes them stand out among other TV commercials. I would pause to watch an entire Gap ad on TV just to hear the song play out, so I think they’ve mastered the art of audio in their ads.

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