More Beemer

From Patrick McElderry




This commercial is one that, for lack of a better phrase, takes you on a journey so to speak.  A little over three minutes long, BMW stretched the minds of viewers and took people on a ride in this commercial to show many things about the new car that they have just recently come out with.  After doing a little research, I’ve read that this commercial was only aired 50 times worldwide due to its length, and cost for a three minute long advertisement.  The commercial combines aesthetic beauty of not only the car, but the surroundings that we all live in.  From the mountains, to the riverside, to the desert, to the city, it pretty much covers all areas that a person could go in a car.  Each place that this car goes by, the actor in the commercial pushes down a wall, symbolizing that the car can go anywhere that it wants to.  Another thing that is very cool with this commercial is that the music fits perfectly with the dramatic theme that the videography displays.  Overall it was a great “film” of a commercial, because it basically has all the components of a film in a commercial.  It has a conflict, hero, resolution, and a happy ending.  What more can you ask for?




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