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This is a commercial from a few years back for Sportscenter, a show on ESPN that shows high lites of that day’s sporting events. First of all, I really like this ad because it is funny. The idea of a TV anchor getting tired and needing a substitution is a unique and funny idea. Second, I liked the commercial because they made it out to be like a baseball game, with the coach coming in and asking how the pitcher feels, and then deciding that he needed to go to his bullpen. Third, I like that they went and actually brought in Trevor Hoffman, a very successful relief pitcher in the major leagues, in his San Diego Padres uniform. I’m fairly sure almost all sports fans would like this commercial.




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  1. I’m not a big sports fan and I don’t watch a lot of ESPN, but I really do like Sportscenter commercials. I think they do a really good job of making the show look appealing, even to someone like me who doesn’t watch a lot of sports. I found this commercial funny and I’ve seen a couple of other Sportscenter commercials recently that I have really liked as well. I think this ad, as well as the others I have seen, are really effective because before seeing them, I don’t think I would ever stop on ESPN when flipping through the channels. Now that I’m slightly more intrigued by the show due to these funny commercials, I think I’d be more likely to stop on ESPN if I saw Sportscenter was on. Not saying these commercials would make me sit down and actually watch an entire episode of the show, but they have effectively increased my interest in the show.

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