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From Danielle Riccardi

Dove is famous for their clean and fresh advertising. This is their new Dove Go Fresh Campaign. I don’t know what it is about this ad, but right after I saw it I wanted to buy the product. The way the ad demonstrates what the shampoo can do really worked for me. After watching it I really felt that the product would make me feel energized. I must be completely crazy.
I could only find a European version of the ad.


3 Responses

  1. I saw this ad with three of my friends and afterwards we all wanted to buy it. The way the ad illustrates fresh with sounds and has the visual of the shower gel is really effective. The whole ad just screams: I’m young, fresh, clean and springy! It is unlike any other shower gel ad that i have seen because it isnt concentrating on just being soothing, it’s mixing it up by adding an energizing fresh sound to the soothing ones. I love this ad!

  2. These Dove ads do a really good job of differentiating their product from competitors. The new line of Dove ads has really strayed away from the idea of soaps and shampoos being something that will make you sexy and and really have focused more on how it can make more normal people very fresh. I think one of the ideas the ads work is because the audience doesn’t see it as just another shampoo or soap ad, but rather as something that will actually make you feel fresh. It tends to do a better job of associating the product with a sense of credibility.

  3. I agree!! I am not sure if it is the fresh clean odd sounds or what but I for sure wanted to go out and buy this product too. It feels like you can almost smell the new “go fresh” scents. I think that this ad works because it totally catches your attention with the jungle like sounds, and every girls loves a new scent or smell for a product that they use too!

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