Now that is a concept!

From Renee Benton:

I was very impressed when I first starting seeing ads for this Jeep Wrangler campaign. The campaign focused on raising awareness of the new Wrangler coming out. I think there are 2 main reasons why this ad is brilliant.

1. They turned a Jeep into a bug. By doing this they were able to steer clear of the everyday automobile ads that merely show you yet another car driving off-road or down a windy road. Not only did they do something different and new, but they did it well. The visual is fun, creative and simple.
2. Because they turned the top view of the Jeep into a bug we don’t know what the new Jeep looks like (except now we do). This is a great strategy because in spreading awareness it is also creating interest among consumers who are likely to look into what this new Jeep actually looks like.

Therefore, not only is the ad super cool and unique, it is very effective.


5 Responses

  1. These are really striking.

  2. I remember these ads when they first came out and I totally forgot about them. I really like how they refer to the new Wrangler as a “new species,” referring to the bug imagery and creating the new jeep as not just a car/truck. I also like how they use surfboards and kayaks as a part of the new species illustrations because Jeep has an image of being the car for the “outdoorsy” and “active” people.

  3. I think this is a very clever concept. This doesn’t only show resonance with the bug forms but it is also an informative ad, showing how much sporting equipment can fit on the vehicle. There is also a television ad that is part of this campaign. Overall it’s a great new way to target an outdoorsy audience.

  4. I had never seen this advertisment before, but I love how uniquie it is. I haven’t ever seen a car ad presented like this before, but by doing so, Jeep is seperating itself from competitors while sparking the interest of the public at the same time. Its very creative!

  5. Dear Prof. Sheehan:

    I chose this article because the insect shape and color resonance remind me of the many species of fluorescent bugs that I saw illuminating the nights in the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador. I think the advertising campaign concept is unique because it appeals to young adult men and women who enjoy being outdoors, ranging between 25 to 50 years old. The exotic designs of the jeep’s campaign leaves the company the options to expand their variety of colors including pink, lavender, and maybe create a purple butterfly. I also think that the innovative ad puts pressure in other car companies to be more creative in their marketing campaigns.

    Cheers to jeep!

    Erika Lincango

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