A Corporate Spokesperson who Isn’t Boring

From Adam Noack:


In class the other day we were talking about creative ways to use people in

advertising. Generally, the least interesting types of people to use in

commercials are corporate spokespeople. Fortunately for Daimler Chrysler

(now separate companies Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler), their chairman at the

time of this ad, Dr. Dieter Zetsche (Dr. Z), is both an interesting

individual with his now-famous bushy mustache and German accent and also a

fairly decent actor, especially for a business man. With this ad, the

creators combined corporate spokesperson with character actor to put a face

on Daimler Chrysler and to promote the higher quality standards and better

engineering that Mercedes (Daimler) brought to Chrysler.<object width=”425″



One Response

  1. I actually googled Dr. Z to see if he was a real person. Luckily wikipedia came to my rescue and confirmed it!

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