Ceiling Tile Add Wins a Clio!

From Emily Tran Dang:


I found it pretty ironic that we watched the Shera/gecko commercial today because I just read an article about the Clio Awards today and it mentioned the Shera commercial as a Silver Winning Ad. The article was pretty interesting, especially from the view it was written in. The person who wrote the article sounded pretty jaded about the ad awards, but I think it made the article funny. I looked up some of the ads mentioned and I found that I like a lot of the ads that didn’t win Grand Clios, but the runners up in Gold and Silver. The interactive campaign for the “Piss Screen” was hilarious. It was a really interesting solution for the drunk driving in Frankfort. If it would actually work or not I don’t know, but I definitely think it would get peoples attention.








Piss Screen:




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